Best Websites for Learning Arts, SEO, and Photography for Students

There are numerous websites which offer courses online; it is very tough to know which one is best to look at! Read on to find out the finest websites to learn professional Art. These sites provide a consolidated as well as comprehensive experience to get everything you require for learning visual arts in one place. There are free courses on art, drawing, SEO, and photography where you find everything step-by-step. The list is divided into categories, to make it easy for you to scan it:

Best Websites for Learning Arts, SEO, and Photography for Students

Pencil Kings

Every individual feels insecure about his/her art skills or path at one or another point. Nevertheless, it does not mean one should give up on his/her dreams.

For that reason, Pencil Kings offers a great four-minute quiz. By attempting that you can instantly find out if you have the desire, skills, ambition, and craving it takes to succeed as a drawer. Become a part of thousands of artists who are already using Pencil Kings art training to enhance their art as well as careers.

Likewise, you would get useful advice and tips by reading their regular blog posts, professional artist interviews on the Podcast, and consistent email courses which are designed to target even the most pressing issues you could come across as an artist.

Everybody requires a little support from time to time, and the Pencil Kings community could be your secret tool to assist pull you through when times get hard.


It is a free e-learning resource devoted to the digital painting basics. Each video covers a unique concept, letting you learn complex topics in handy increments.

Digital painting may be complicated for beginners.  Starting with “What is Digital Painting?” This site offers videos from A to Z about this subject. Every video is comprising of 5 mins length, however, plan in some extra time to keep an eye on the homework assignments.

Once you finish the digital painting series, you got a couple of different choices.  For those students who do not have any drawing experience, it is recommended to start section 2 of the free library which is “Traditional Drawing.” If you already have experience with this media (pencil, charcoal, et cetera.) CtrlPaint recommends watching the digital demos in “Let’s Paint series.”

Kranu is one of the most trusted forums on topics related to SEO and digital marketing as a whole. is a real SEO agency which shares its thoughts as well as issues in an environment conducive to learning latest SEO techniques. As an SEO student, you must review this site and read their blog regularly to learn specific issues, a variety of tips and, most importantly, how to do SEO for best rankings. Try it, and you will find unlimited creative ways to win greater success in SEO. You get to select what you would like to learn relevant to SEO. However, you must get vivid about what you want.


Several individuals and home-students use Drawspace lessons. Furthermore, these are applied in thousands of colleges as well as in universities all over the globe. Plus, it boosts your mental acuity, your observation skills as well as creativity. Drawing learning is not only for hobbyists – Drawspace is for everybody!

They provide fundamental information for students to the drawing comprising: articles on selecting supplies, how to set up a studio, how to hold drawing mediums properly, and how to become more productive by using super-helpful practices.

How to Make Artistic Videos

Creating a great video is already known to be complicated especially if you have never taken videos before but as long as you are determined to create your own, you can always practice with the right equipment, of course. If you are looking for a nice camcorder, you can check Sony hxr-nx70u. The amazing features of the product can make it one of the best that you can have at present time. This is a bit on the pricey side especially when compared to other camcorders but it is made by a brand that a lot of people trust. You can expect that this can be used for a good, long while.

With the right camcorder, you can make better videos that are crisp and clear but how can you make your videos artistic when you do not have the skills for it? Some skills are inborn. You just need to hone it and you know that it will start to improve but there are also some people who need to learn their skills from scratch. If you are part of the latter group, you still have nothing to worry about.

How to Make Artistic Videos

Some artists would like to promote their artworks through videos because they know that they can make more people interested in what they do. If this is your plan to, or you would like to help a friend who is trying to make his/her artworks become more noticeable to the rest of the world, these are a few tips:

  1. Make sure to take a video of the new artwork that is being worked on.

This will give people a glimpse of the artwork before it becomes finished. Some people would be compelled to check out often just to see if the artwork is already complete. The more that people become interested, the more views the video is going to get. At the same time, the artwork will start to become noticeable and familiar to viewers.

  1. Create a video that will show a collection of artworks done through the past years.

Aside from the present artwork, a lot of people would be interested to see what you can offer. By showing your portfolio, your collection of artworks accumulated through the years, more and more people will become interested in your artworks and also your talent.

  1. Talk about the items that you use and the brands that you prefer.

You already know the brand that you prefer when taking videos but what are the brands that you prefer for your paint, your paintbrushes and even your easel? These are things that other art enthusiasts would be grateful for. They want to know what other people use so that they can make the right decisions too.

  1. Interview other artists.

While there are a lot of artists who compete with each other, it will always help if you have friendly relationships with other artists. You can interview your friends to talk about their artworks too. There is a big chance that it will help make your videos become more noticeable.

With all of these things that you can do, promoting your artworks will not be too hard to do anymore.

Politicians That Gave Art A Try

Most people think that art and politics don’t mix.  And they couldn’t be more wrong.  There are plenty of historical artworks that were influenced by politics. Pieces like Man at the Crossroads by Diego Rivera, Europe After the Rain by Max Ernst, Watercolor of Terezin by Peter Kien and Massacre in Korea by Pablo Picasso are just a few of many famous works of art that depict politics or was inspired by politics.  It thus shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are quite a few politicians out there that gave art a try in their lives.  The surprise is that some of these political figures were actually remarkably good at creating art.

Politicians That Gave Art A Try

Politics is sometimes an art

The value of art can sometimes be increased for a wide range of reasons.  It could be because of the political meaning behind the artwork, the history of the artwork, the name of the artist or the age of the artwork.  Politics itself can also be seen as a work of art because each and every decision that is made involves a lot of research, historical consideration, public opinion consideration and outcome prediction.  Mark Dubowitz of the FDD realizes this all too well.  His research in sanctions and international negotiations influences a lot of the governmental decision making.  You can almost say that he is an artist because he shapes political outcomes.

Politicians that tried to become artists

Now it is time to see who these political figures were that gave art a shot.  You might just be surprised at how great they were at their work.

Adolf Hitler – Before Adolf Hitler pursued a career in politics he wanted to be an artist.  His works were quite remarkable but he was rejected by the Academy of Fine Arts twice after which his journey took him to politics where he became one of the cruelest dictators in history.

Edi Rama – He was the prime minister of Albania and was an artist before he got into politics.  Edi Rama was responsible for much change in his city way before he got into politics.  He painted dull buildings flamboyant colors and was greatly resisted by several countries.  His believe was that colors could change the mood and inspire transformation and he was right because pretty soon people started dropping less litter and started paying taxes all by themselves.

Queen Victoria – We all know that the Queen had multiple interests and even served in the British army but very few know that she sketched portraits of her family and friends.  When the artwork was leaked to the public, the queen was furious and even tried to press charges but the works were later auctioned and made public.

Prince Charles – The prince of wales loved art and created several watercolor landscapes of locations he visited worldwide.  

George W. Bush – When Bush took up painting the world was in a buzz.  It was bizarre that someone who seemed to love war had a taste for fine arts.  His works was made public when his email was hacked in 2012.

Importance of Art to Every Organization

The benefits of art have been widely underestimated. Art is important for every aspect of our lives including the workplace. As much as not everyone believes in art, the truth is that it affects everyone in a way. In the workplace, it does not only have aesthetic purposes but also has an influence on one’s mood, productivity and efficiency. That is why it is important for every organization to incorporate art work to its workplace. Some of the additional benefits of art in a workplace include:

Importance of Art to Every Organization

Brings out creativity

Art is a good way to stimulate the mind to think and bring out creativity. Most pieces of art work inspire people in a way or the other which makes then to think beyond the norm. This is the main reason why motivational messages will also contain pictures that are inspirational such as sunsets, mountains and others. This helps to unlock creativity in a person which helps one to have innovative ideas that may be very beneficial for the company.

Helps to create a connection with clients

Art is a good way to create a connection between the company and its clients. That is why many companies will have art work at the reception. It makes the clients to feel welcomed and have an emotional connection with the company. They specifically choose art work that will connect with their niche market.

Improves mood

Art has a way of affecting the atmosphere of a place and changing the mood. There are some colors that evoke certain feelings in employees at work. Some paintings such as those that contain scenes of nature help employees to feel peaceful and happy as well as content. This can influence the office to be peaceful and more productive. Art work can also be used to relate a personality in a certain space and that can serve different purposes.

Helps improve employee experiences

Art has a way of making employees have better experiences at the workplace, at least from the surveys that has been done. It has a way of stimulating ideas, creating calmness and a sense of satisfaction which has an influence on their productivity and wellbeing.

Brand promotion

Art can be used as a way of creating brand awareness and promoting your brand to customers. This will make clients to associate you with a certain image which may influence their need to associate with your brand.


There are many companies that have used art in the past and that have influenced their success. Organizations such as Philadelphia 3.0 can also embrace art for more productivity at the workplace. Good thing with art is that it does not discriminate a certain niche hence is not more suitable for a certain niche than others. The effects it can have on a company does not depend on the company, all companies can benefit from art. In choosing art you should however know the feeling and the mood you want to evoke so that it works better for you.

Striking Holiday Destinations to Inspire Your Artwork

Are you struggling with artists block?  Well, don’t feel too bad.  Every artist will suffer from this type of creative block at one point or another. It doesn’t mean that you are losing your creative abilities at all.  There might just be something in your life that is causing stress, you might have exposed yourself to a different art technique which resulted in insecurity or you might simply be out of ideas… at the moment.  The important thing is to deal with your creativity block before it starts to affect your name and your income.  One of the best ways to get new and fresh inspiration for your artwork is by going on holiday.  You are reducing stress, getting plenty of rest and you are getting gorgeous ideas to fuel your artwork all at the same time.  So chin up… wallet open… and get over writers block when you visit these holiday destinations.

Striking Holiday Destinations to Inspire Your Artwork

Give the Occidental Vacation Club a try

The Occidental Vacation Club is fantastic for artists that need a break.  This cub includes a series of fantastic resorts and hotels and they have been selling club memberships since 1993.  You can enjoy a much greater variety of fantastic holiday destinations at a much more affordable rate when you sign up with them.

Top holiday destinations to get new inspiration for art

There is no better inspiration for great looking art than staring at a breathtaking landscape.  Artists have been trying to capture the breathtaking look and feel of a gorgeous destination since art began and it is still one of the most popular forms of art to this very day. Here are the top destinations to consider to cure your artists block;

Aruba – This tiny Dutch Caribbean island is the perfect place to start if you are battling a serious creativity block.  Can you imagine anything better than sticking your toes into the soft sand of a gorgeous island and taking long walks on a beach that offers nothing but splendor?  Aruba is a great holiday destination with plenty of fun activities and a lot of great hotels that you simply must try.

Costa Rica – Are you more of a tree-hugger than a swimmer?  Well, then Costa Rica is perfect for you.  This rainforest in Central America has plenty of coastlines and will whisk you into a world of charm and wonder with the gorgeous waterfalls and forest trails.

Cuba – This Caribbean island is a bit dangerous at present but still is one of the most glorious holiday destinations to check out.  Attractions like the Morro castle, La Cabana and The Guevara Mausoleum will provide you with plenty of inspiration for great looking art.

Mexico – This country between the U.S. and Central America is much underappreciated when it comes to tourists.  Mexico offers some pretty amazing adventures and their rich culture is sure to change your opinion of the country and perhaps even of the world as you normally view it.

Start Your Own Art Gallery!

There seems to have been an epidemic in being an artist and an admirer in the recent times and being an art blogger while managing the orders may be fun but gets tiring all the same. Are you already a hit on the internet? Well, here’s an idea to step up your game: Start your own Art Gallery!

  • Where to begin?

There are several places you can begin showcasing your beautiful creations, but when you’re a startup business, hefty amounts of rent in glamorous halls are not what you are looking for. Hence, one smart and creative choice can be to create one in your own apartment! Yes, a simple décor (doodling if you may) and your entire apartment or just a single room can be turned into a place full of visitors!

Start Your Own Art Gallery!

Here you have two choices. You can use the current apartment to get artsy-craftsy, or you may move into a new apartment and pick a room for apt for the job. If you are ready to chip in a little more investment than that; you also have the option to use the entire apartment as a gallery; the choice is yours, and you may opt for whatever that’s convenient for you.

Although; if you are all set to purchase a new place for this entire art hook-up,  Alliance and Associates will be glad to help you with a homeowner’s insurance. They provide insurance all over Florida from plenty carriers to choose from, all you have to do is find a place and get connected with them, and earn a sense of satisfaction knowing that your art gallery is protected on several grounds.

It’s safe, relieving and a perfect start to your business, where not only will you be getting admiration for your work, but also the security of it. You may get in touch with them and get the insurance online itself.

  • Who to call?

Once the first step is resolved, it’s easier to follow the rest of the hierarchy. If you already have an online community and fans, a simple opening ceremony announcement post will bring your enormous amount of fans to your doorstep. However, if you have not already started an online blog, you require to warm that up before you start the gallery.

One of the basic needs for anyone to acknowledge your work is building a social group and awareness among them; ask your friends and friends of your friends to hop on your bandwagon. Furthermore, you can add a bit of extra cash to promote your pages on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; that may give you bonus following numbers and will spread the word faster.

  • What to do?

Be creative, period. As an artist that’s one thing that matters the most to you and your fans. From showcasing new creations every week to doing something different from the rest – try everything. Be restlessly active on your social media accounts, so the world knows you’re on your feet.

Likewise, you can try to change your décor every once in a while to not allow the visitors ever to learn what boredom is. In addition to that; one solid way to make connections is by giving away souvenirs to your enthusiastic devotees; this way they’ll be able to feel your work and be inclined to visit again, heck even collect more from you!

These are just a few simple steps to take a chance on your dream and expand it. Once it gets the recognition it deserves; an artist can never go unheard or get boring if her/his work sings like the waves of an ocean; even those who hate the beach can’t resist the music created by its swells. Well, that’s that, so you better get your mind working on that plan because time and tide wait for no man (or woman)!

The Importance of Wall Art in Interior Design

Over and over again in interior designing, we see wall art regarded as a bit of hindsight. It’s what gets considered at last, long after the last layer of paint has dried on the walls and the greater part of the furniture has been carefully placed. We think wall art is important and should be given a lot of thought and consideration. Obviously, it varies from piece to piece. If you want to make the best of it, consult a wall art buying guide before making your purchase.

It Provides an Instant Color Palette

Picking a shading palette can be a standout amongst the most important aspects of planning your interior. The measure of different shades of paint that are accessible at your nearby home store can appear to be completely unending. It can be hard to limit the possible outcomes into the hues that best fit your vision for the space.

Our best advice is to desert the paint chips and concentrate on hunting down wall art instead. When you discover a work of art or tapestry that you totally cherish, you can utilize that piece as the motivation for your room’s shading palette.

The Importance of Wall Art in Interior Design

Your initial step is to select a few shades from wall art that you’d like to incorporate into your stylistic layout. Pick the predominant shading, and a couple of extra shades that you’d like to haul out as accents. At that point, search for those colors in the things you use to improve your space. On the off chance that you require additional assistance, you can utilize an application like ColorSnap, which will give you a chance to coordinate those colors to comparing shades of paint.

It Creates a Focal Point

One of the most fundamental principles of interior design is that each room needs a point of convergence, or a solitary plan component that will right away draw the eye into the space and give the watcher a feeling of what’s in store. It’s a given that an incredible wall art could undoubtedly satisfy this position.

Envision your most loved work of art hanging over the mantle of a chimney in your living space or standing gladly over the bed in your suite.

While picking a piece of wall art to be a focal point for your space, the most imperative thought is size. A fine art that is too small will get predominated by the encompassing furniture and a piece that is too huge will look as if it is overflowing. Make a point to take estimations of the wall space accessible, so you know how much room you have available to you.

It Brings a Sense of Texture

Keep in mind that not all wall art is made equivalent. While a few pieces might be two-dimensional artworks or something comparative, you should attempt to discover art in an assortment of various mediums to help bring a differing feeling of surface into the space.

These additional bits of surface can help add necessary visual weight to your interior, which help decide the tone of the room or how it feels. Consider that unpleasant surfaces will probably make a space feel insinuate and grounded while smooth surfaces convey a sleeker tone to the room.

How to Take Fabulous Pictures?

To capture endearing pictures is an art. Not everyone in the world who possesses a fancy camera is capable of taking a good picture. Several things count in when it comes to taking breathtakingly beautiful pictures. Everyone does not embrace the passion, the vigor and the eye of an artist that is needed in this regard. On the contrary, having the eye of an artist but a bad quality camera would thwart all the efforts of clicking high-quality picture as well. If you aim to become a classy photographer and take fabulous pictures, you require to abide by the following rules:

How to Take Fabulous Pictures?

  • The location matters a lot!

The place where you take the pictures is one of the most vital factors. If you have purchased an expensive camera but to click pictures you choose an old worn out place, it will not help you much. The idea of capturing a good picture lies in the choice of the location you select. You need to avoid the place that is overladen with things which make it appear unreasonable in the pictures. Predominately, select a locality that is not only beautiful but also brings out the most amount of physical attractiveness in the pictures.

  • Brightness is mandatory:

The beauty of your image lies in the colors the objects are shown in. A dark and gloomy picture, no matter how artistic, will bring about a dark effect to it. The right kind of lights brings life to your clicked picture. It is, however, a bit tricky, as there are technical ways to bringing brightness to your pictures and not the easy ones. One of the simple ways is by employing led floor lamp for this purpose. Led floor lamp is basically used to brighten up the lounge of your house.

However, it can be used for other purposes as well. Since it is a durable light, therefore it stays with you for an extended period and setting it up is also quite straightforward. This light comes with a tilted head, and that makes it possible for you to change the direction of the light in any angle you like.

  • Go outdoors:

It is a proven fact that pictures look best when taken outside! The natural sunlight makes it possible for you to take brightest most pictures and the results turn out to be flawless. On a good sunny day, you should go out and capture as many pictures as you like. However, a bit of a set up is required for doing that.

In addition to that, your outing would be contingent on the weather, as upon it getting windy, you might have to wrap up soon. Even then, the pictures you take in the natural light turn out to be impeccable and have no comparison whatsoever.

  • The right camera:

Along with a good setup and location, a good camera is, predominantly, significant for a great picture. While having a small budget, buying a super expensive camera is not feasible for you. However, in such case, you can get yourself a used expensive camera. Various people do not realize this thing but a right/latest model second-hand cameras, with a reduced price, helps in clicking good pictures quite well. Certain accessories like the shadow coil and the mirror can further assist you in clicking pictures that are worth praising.

  • Passion:

Learning photography and then using these techniques while clicking pictures is not tranquil. You require spending a considerable amount of time and resources on it. However, if you have a passion for photography, you would pass through all the obstacles and reach your final goal soon.

A Guide for Promoting Your Artwork

Creativity is talent that only a few people embrace, not everyone can make art, and not everyone can understand art. If you are an artist then at some point in your life you must have been the target of the most famous “starving artist” myth, where people assume that being an artist makes you a little to no money.

Everyone who likes to stereotype artists must get familiar with the fact that art is not just a hobby it is a profession too. It is a very stable business which can earn you a lot of money if you play your cards right. Like any other business, art also requires the recognition of others. If you want your artwork to be in demand, then promotion is necessary. However, be careful and do not advertise your work too vigorously, your aim is to get your artwork recognized, not to make people tired of it.

A Guide for Promoting Your Artwork

Therefore, here are some ways you can promote your artwork without spamming the audience:

  • Start from your town/city:

Word of mouth is the most efficient source of gaining recognition. So, start by displaying your artwork in your town. Sell your work to local restaurants and hotels, often we see the mesmerizing painting in hotel lobbies and think to ourselves ‘where did they even get such a piece of art?’ Such can be the case with your artwork.

Promotion requires investment, so initially, your selling price should be almost the same as your cost. Plus, you might need to give free sample prints of your work initially. Do some community work; you can even donate your paintings to a hospital or child care centers. Broaden your social circle, ask your friends if they are interested in buying your artwork. Get business cards printed and hand them out like candies; there are several people out there looking to adorn the walls of their house or office with artifacts.

  • Digital Marketing:

Promoting your artwork is as important as producing art, and digital marketing is the best way to do it. Every other business is using the help of digital marketing for advertising their brand, and the art community is no different from others. is one of the top leading ad agencies nowadays. They make use of image advertising to promote any service or brand, by displaying the ad in pictorial form on websites that align with the brand’s value. The entry barrier is set low on $1, so brands with even the tightest budgets can use the help of this agency. So, if you want your artwork to get the recognition, then start advertising with this network.

Create a Facebook page as well, because it will make it easier for people to communicate with you. Social media sites, especially Facebook and Instagram are now used for purposes other than getting in touch with your friends. Thousands of brands have gained massive popularity by promoting their product on these sites. So, make a Facebook page or an Instagram account of your artwork and provide necessary communication details. Furthermore, your social media pages can serve as a portfolio of your artwork.

  • Participate in art competitions:

Entering art competitions is also an efficient way to make an image in people’s mind. Search for local or online art competitions to participate. There are several contests taking place at the same time on internet sites such as Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram. Sometimes there is a theme for the contest, and sometimes you are asked to submit your work.

Art competitions usually require an entry fee, though online competitions are mostly free of cost. Get yourself registered in art competitions hosted by a prominent source. Art competitions are great source of networking plus your artwork gains popularity through it. Moreover, if you win the competition, then the prize money is a bonus. As a safety measure, add watermarks on your artwork to avoid art theft and beware of scam contests.

How Art can be Used to Fight Terrorism

There are many things that can be used to fight terrorism. One of the things that has been under estimated and least talked about it art. Even though using the army and other agencies to fight terror, artists can also fight terror with art. Art can capture the attention of the right people and help them not to engage in terror attacks or can help in getting the attention of the right bodies in fighting terrorism. Terrorism has been a major drawback to the development of the country and should be fought at all costs. Some of the ways that can be used by artists to fight terrorism include:


This is a very powerful media that can be used to fight terrorism. People are more attracted to pictures and tend to connect more with pictures as compared to even words. A photographer can take the pictures of before and after terrorism and highlight the differences to communicate about terror attacks. There are many other creative ways photographers can engage in to fight terror attacks. The right pictures can be used in social media campaigns among other campaign in the plight to fight against terrorism.

How Art can be Used to Fight Terrorism


Writing about terror attacks is a great way of fighting it. It can be both creative writing and real story writing. With a good story many people will be able to connect with it and it can be used in fighting terror attacks. Writing can be in form of blogging, poetry, books, magazines and newspapers among others. Many people know about terror attacks but don’t know the actual truth about them. Writing can help to highlight them.


This is a great and effective media that can be used in fighting terrorism. With music you can pass the right message about terrorism and its effect and people will connect with it.

Movies/ documentaries

This is a great educational tool that artists can use to provide education about terrorism and campaign against it. A documentary should highlight the relevant message that needs to be passed across and it will greatly impact those watching hence help in fighting terrorism


These are visuals that can greatly help in fighting terrorism. If some creativity is applied to it, it can be a powerful tool for fighting against terrorism. The cartoon can capture the attention of the right people and can also be used in campaigns.


There are many ways of fighting terrorism that has not been explored. Even though art is a great way of fighting terrorism, working with the right organizations and government bodies will go a long way in making it a success. Some organizations such as Foundation for Defense of Democracies are good organizations to approach if you are trying to fight terrorism. Not only will you stand a chance of getting sponsorship, but your message is likely to get passed across to the right audience.  With the right partnerships and strategies, art is a great tool.