5 Scholarships for art students

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We all know universities and certain courses can be expensive, especially when it comes to the USA, Canada and other key countries of study, such as Australia and London. The more incentive students have the better, as many give up their studies because they do not want to end up with a financially crippling 40-year debt on their backs. Of course there are alternative ways higher education students getting on courses the they need or want. Likewise, many students in low-income families, feel that they cannot study at a higher level. Well, this is not necessarily true. Following are 5 of the best scholarships for art-related courses where fantastic scholarships are offered. Students will definitely feel much happier if they are able to follow their dreams without having to worry about cash so much in the long run.

Betty Harlan Memorial Art Scholarship

This is a great opportunity for students who are in their senior year at high school in the United States. The deadline stretches to March 1st, which still allows plenty of time to apply.

Students should be from Winnebago, Ogle or Boone region. Students must have a GPA of at least 2.75/4 and if they wish to apply to study Visual Arts, Visual Art Education, or Visual Art History.

CBC Spouses Visual Arts Scholarship

For those who are legally living in the USA and would like to study Visual Arts, then this scholarship is the perfect course. These students should be planning to enroll during the next semester and major in architecture, arts, visual arts or pretty much any other art-related course. This is also perfect for both men and women.

FDIM Designer of Tomorrow Scholarship Competition

This is different from most scholarships. It is just perfect for those who would like to study in a top quality educational institution without having to deal with all the debt that comes with universities in the USA and Canada. You have up until April 30th to enroll and create a plan for a major fashion retailer. Those who already do a fantastic job (without having any prior fashion experience in this line of work) will get the chance of earning this amazing scholarship. Visit site here for more information.

HEEF Arts Scholarship Program

Every year, students have up to January 19th to enroll and get a chance to gain a scholarship to this amazing course which will potentially save thousands of dollars in the long run! Students wishing to apply should have a great school background, with high grades, prove that they are from low income families and that they want to change their lives through extracurricular activities in the community. This scholarship gives away $2.500 dollars every year to cover school costs.

Industrial Fabrics Foundation Scholarship

Each year the deadline is June 6th and this scholarship pays the whole tuition costs for 6 months! A full semester is covered by this scholarship for students of higher education enrolled in universities, technical courses and so on. It is an amazing opportunity and the value is paid directly to the school, which means there is absolutely no hassle for the student!

If you would like to check a complete list of scholarships, then go online and check www.fastscholarships.net.