5Ways in Which Lego Blocks Can Be Used In Art

Art For You

Over the years, artists have been known to sometimes create the strangest works of art from the strangest things and sometimes in the strangest places.  Some artists like Millie Brown even went so far to create vomit paintings and to call it art.  Hong Yi uses a basketball to paint her paintings and some of her works are surprisingly good. Vinicius Quesada is a Brazilian artist has a series of Blood Piss Blues paintings that are made of blood and urine.  Then there are American artist Kira Ayan Varszegi and Australian artist Tim Patch that use their private parts to create astonishing works of art.

Artworks are becoming more and more diverse and versatile.  If you have always had a Lego fetish then there is absolutely no reason why you cannot create artworks with Lego blocks or artworks surrounding this subject.  Here are a few ways to start using Lego blocks in your art.

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But first – learn more about Lego

Like all other artists, you should also first learn more about your art medium and subject before you set out on creating artworks about Lego.  https://Legoways.com/ is a great site to check out if you want to know more about these infamous blocks and block sets.  The site features everything there is to know about Lego and is a great source to inspire some artworks.

  1. Lego organizer/wall art

Storing Lego blocks can be quite a challenge.  These tiny blocks can get lost so easily, especially when kids are frequently at play.  Create a Lego organizer that is wall art at the same time.  Get a boxed picture frame, print a Lego figure silhouette and cut the silhouette out.  Place the paper with the cutout in the frame and fill your box up with Legos.  The blocks are visible in silhouette form and you can store your Lego’s on the wall.

  1. Watercolor Lego man

Get your watercolor paint and watercolor canvas out and create a watercolor Lego man.  Simply trace the shape of a Lego man on the paper and start coloring randomly for a beautiful silhouette abstract.

  1. Use Lego as a picture frame

Get your blocks and build a picture frame.  You can then glue the block frame onto glass and a wood panel and create a very interesting DIY Lego frame.

  1. Build Lego statues

Sculpturing is a very popular form of art so why can’t Lego statues be art as well?  Create your own Lego statues by simply building something interesting and unique.  You can build basically any kind of statue with Lego blocks.  Anything from dogs, wildlife, cats, people and even action heroes are perfect subjects for a very interesting Lego statue.

  1. Make a Lego portrait

You can even make a huge Lego portrait by simply building your Lego in the shape of a one-dimensional face.

Art is more diverse and flexible than ever before and there are so many different ways to express yourself through art.  With Lego artworks, you can have heaps of fun and create beautiful works at the same time.