7 Great Ways for Artists to Stay Hair Free

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It can be easy to get lost in your art.  A lot of artists get so captivated by their masterpiece in making that they completely forget about the world around them.  All that matters is getting those brush strokes perfect, creating that perfect color mix and to get the vibe you are looking for.  One of the first things that usually fall behind as you are having fun with art is your personal appearance.  So many artists are captured on photographs in their ragged and old clothing – which makes sense since they don’t want paint on new clothes – with tangled and messy hair and without hardly any grooming at all.  This is because art takes time.  Creating the perfect masterpiece will take a lot of long working hours, perhaps even weeks or even months depending on what you are working on.  This leaves little room for other tasks, work and life and absolutely no time for grooming.  The hard work and long hours it takes to create art is exactly why the generic idea of an artist is a messy look.  But you don’t have to fall into this general perception of artists.  Artists can be elegant, smooth and perfectly groomed by checking out Hairfree Club for the best advice on hair removal products and by giving the following 7 hair removal techniques a try;

7 Great Ways for Artists to Stay Hair Free

  1. Shaving

This is the easiest, quickest and most commonly used hair removal method.  Shaving is cheap and quick but can result in a lot of terrible skin conditions like cuts, razor burn, ingrown hairs and more plus you are very likely to require a new shave within just two days.

  1. Hair removal cream

These creams are designed to burn your hair off and can even be permanent for some because the chemicals are designed to damage your hair follicles.  The product is not recommended for artists that are easy to distract because leaving the cream on for too long can result in burnt skin.

  1. Electrolysis

This method involves electrocuting individual hairs which is good because the result is permanent hair removal.  The downside is that you can get scarring and infections and can be quite time consuming.

  1. Threading

Threading involves using thread to pluck your hairs.  It is a good method but can be painful and time consuming.

  1. Waxing

Waxing lasts a lot longer than shaving and your hair grows back much thinner.  Waxing is painful but one of the best methods because many hairs never grow back again.

  1. Eflornithine hydrochloride cream

This cream is great for female artists with facial hair.  The product is costly but after two months of daily use your facial hair will stop growing.

  1. Laser treatment

This is the best solution for artists by far.  Laser hair removal is the only hair removal treatment that can remove hair permanently.  The good news is that artists can do this treatment at home because you can now buy home laser hair removal systems and get your therapy at home.