How to Add Artistic Touches to Your Sprinter Van

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Looking for ideas to spice up your sprinter van? Want to add artistic touches to your van so it reflects your artistic personality perfectly? Here’s what you can do!

How to Add Artistic Touches to Your Sprinter Van

1) Multiplying USB Power

Tablet PC and cell phones are taking over paper maps and indexes, which is awesome, with the exception of that iPads and iPhones swallow down battery power on a long journey. Most vans have only one USB control point for reviving your doohickeys, and that is not going to be sufficient for a 12-hour street trip, or on the off chance that you have a carload of individuals playing Angry Birds.

You can, nonetheless, include two extra (and all the more effective) USB points to a cigarette lighter attachment. Cigarette lighter attachments can deal with more than 10 amps, so this is a helpful approach to ensure your camera, computer game, MP3 player, and tablet PC remain charged when you’re out and about.

2) Homemade Electronics Dock

Bean-bag style dashboard hardware holders don’t function admirably in the corners. Also, the suction windshield mounts that accompany most GPS guides can hinder your view of the street (in a few places you can even get ticketed for this). So we brainstormed a more artistic way to make it work for you.

Search on the internet for homemade electronic dock DIY and get working on it! Once you’ve made it, be sure to add some artistic touches to it such as decorating it or painting it on the outsides with your favorite color.

3) Treat It Like a Canvas

Once you’ve decided to get all artistic with your sprinter van, then it’s time to go all in. Imagine your van’s surface as a canvas, grab and paintbrush and get those creative juices flowing. Whether you like to go bold or stick with safe colors, it’s entirely up to you. Make sure to incorporate different designs and make use of stencils to give it a perfect finish. Make sure to get a sprinter van that is as awesome on the inside as it is on the outside. One example is of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van’s 2-stage turbo 4 cylinder diesel engine that is a beast on the inside and offers amazing mileage.

4) Pro RAM Ball Mounts

Here’s another approach to dispose of those suction-glass mounts that tumble off the windshield on hot days. A better approach to mount hardware in the driver’s view is to utilize the RAM-type ball-and-clip mounts, which utilize a fixed ball that is mounted on a permanent basis.

5) A Coat Rack That’s Not Terrible

Van coat hooks are lousy, particularly on the off chance that you have rear seat passengers who don’t need your plane coat in their face. Our answer is to utilize a mesh bungee that you can easily find at a local art shop. These 18-inch-square mesh nets are planned to hold an extra cap onto the back seat or bumper of a van. We appended their four corners to the four get handles on the roofs of vans with wire ties, extending the bungees until they are tight. The outcome is a kind of loft to hold coats, caps, gloves, and whatever else you need to keep off the van’s floor.