How Art can be Used to Fight Terrorism

Art For You

There are many things that can be used to fight terrorism. One of the things that has been under estimated and least talked about it art. Even though using the army and other agencies to fight terror, artists can also fight terror with art. Art can capture the attention of the right people and help them not to engage in terror attacks or can help in getting the attention of the right bodies in fighting terrorism. Terrorism has been a major drawback to the development of the country and should be fought at all costs. Some of the ways that can be used by artists to fight terrorism include:


This is a very powerful media that can be used to fight terrorism. People are more attracted to pictures and tend to connect more with pictures as compared to even words. A photographer can take the pictures of before and after terrorism and highlight the differences to communicate about terror attacks. There are many other creative ways photographers can engage in to fight terror attacks. The right pictures can be used in social media campaigns among other campaign in the plight to fight against terrorism.

How Art can be Used to Fight Terrorism


Writing about terror attacks is a great way of fighting it. It can be both creative writing and real story writing. With a good story many people will be able to connect with it and it can be used in fighting terror attacks. Writing can be in form of blogging, poetry, books, magazines and newspapers among others. Many people know about terror attacks but don’t know the actual truth about them. Writing can help to highlight them.


This is a great and effective media that can be used in fighting terrorism. With music you can pass the right message about terrorism and its effect and people will connect with it.

Movies/ documentaries

This is a great educational tool that artists can use to provide education about terrorism and campaign against it. A documentary should highlight the relevant message that needs to be passed across and it will greatly impact those watching hence help in fighting terrorism


These are visuals that can greatly help in fighting terrorism. If some creativity is applied to it, it can be a powerful tool for fighting against terrorism. The cartoon can capture the attention of the right people and can also be used in campaigns.


There are many ways of fighting terrorism that has not been explored. Even though art is a great way of fighting terrorism, working with the right organizations and government bodies will go a long way in making it a success. Some organizations such as Foundation for Defense of Democracies are good organizations to approach if you are trying to fight terrorism. Not only will you stand a chance of getting sponsorship, but your message is likely to get passed across to the right audience.  With the right partnerships and strategies, art is a great tool.