The Art Of Jewelry Making

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The art of jewelry making is a unique one and it takes a lot of effort. There are so many steps involved – each adding value and quality to the final output. If there’s anyone who knows the art of jewelry making best, it is moti Ferder. The owner of Lugano Diamonds has a very unique design philosophy. He creates each piece very carefully, envisioning the end customer and adding a touch of elegance each step of the way. Anyways, here are some of the steps involved in jewelry making:


It can be truly overpowering when you initially choose you need to attempt your hand at making jewelry on the grounds that there’s such an expansive scope of possible outcomes! Similarly, as you wouldn’t hope to figure out how to sew, crochet, hand-sew, knit, and weave at the same time, it’s unlikely to attempt to handle each sort of jewelry making when you’re initially beginning. Rather, pick one kind you’d jump at the chance to make first and go from that point.

Maybe you like wearing beaded jewelry best, or perhaps you incline toward the basic look and personalization of metal stamped adornments. Perhaps you need to work with calfskin, mud or glass. Pick one medium to concentrate on to start with, realizing that you can simply try something else later… what’s more, truth be told, the abilities may even overlap with each other and you’ll need to spend lesser time learning the new method due to what you would already be able to do!


Regardless of whether you’re anticipating working with clay metal, beads, or another kind of jewelry to start with, there are a couple of abilities will need to know for pretty much every project you make. Most projects, for instance, will require that you have an essential information of how to open and close a hop ring appropriately and frame a straightforward wire circle. When you ace these aptitudes, they exchange to whatever sort of project you’re working on.


For your first endeavor, it might work alright to simply “borrow” the wire cutters and pincers from your family tool kit. Be that as it may, actually, the better the apparatuses you need to work with, the simpler the procedure will be and the better your project will turn out. To begin with, it might appear like a bit of an investment, especially with regards to strength devices like metal stamps, and so on., however over the long haul they more than pay for themselves when you’re ready to make instead of purchase your jewelry and in addition make jewelry to give as gifts as well as sell to others. When you have the vital instruments in your reserve, it’s generally exceptionally cheap to make a specific piece.


What’s the distinction between an eye pin and a head pin? Is 12-gauge wire thicker or slender than 20-gauge wire? Furthermore, what are “findings” in any case? You will need to know! Before you buy anything, ensure you recognize what it is that you require. It’ll spare you the time, cost and disappointment of returning and getting refunded for the wrong things.