The Art Of Learning The Drums

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When music artists want to take up drums, they will sit down in front of their drum sets to learn their favorite songs or. In addition, while it is great to have fun, learning the drums is no joke. If you only focus on practicing songs, grooves, or fills that are easy to play, you won’t learn anything. Practicing involves focusing on your weak areas and pushing yourself to learn different styles of rhythm and playing styles. The art of practicing drums can be divided into four points that should be focused:


Focusing on technique will support you play more efficiently as you hit the drums. Moreover, it will help you express more vocabulary on the drums since different techniques are needed to play specific patterns, grooves, and fills.

You consider technique as being the constructive tool that helps you put your ideas out on the drum set. The more tools you use to your advantage, the more ideas can share with the world.


Vocabulary is what is played on the drums. This incorporates things such as rudiments, sticking patterns, grooves and fills in all kinds of music. The more words you play, the more individualistic sentences you will be able to form.

Concerning drumming, you’ll only have those choices to opt from if you are only able to play some specific kinds of drum grooves. However, with the option of 50 different drum grooves, you will have 50 different options to create! Having a wide vocabulary gives you the benefit of being a versatile and talented drummer.

Independence & Coordination

Independence involves the ability to play individual rhythms and patterns with every one of our arms and legs. Coordination has to do with playing each individual rhythm together in a smooth way. Similar to technique, independence and coordination are constructive tools, which aid you express ideas on the drums.

Having independence and coordination gives you the option to create different variations of a groove. Known as groove independence. These ideas are super helpful to apply for whatever grooves you create.


Musicality has to do with using all your tools together in one single context to get the perfect best. If you are focusing on swing independence, use a swing recording or a play-along track without drums during practice. This helps you practice your skills in a fun and interesting way. If you’ve been focused on a new difficult groove, find some musicians to practice with and try making a song formed around that groove.

The Art Of Learning The Drums
The Art Of Learning The Drums

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