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Hill Strategies on Canadians’ Arts, Culture and Heritage Activities in 2010

Today Hill Strategies released a report on Canadians’ arts, culture and heritage activities in 2010. The report found that Canadians’ participation in arts, culture and heritage activities reached record levels in 2010. The report also shows that, for many activities, there was a substantial recent increase in participation (i.e., between 2005 and 2010). Here are some key statistics:

  • 47.8% of Canadians 15 or older visited a museum in 2010.
  • 72.4% attended a performing arts event or a cultural festival in 2010.
  • 73.8% visited a heritage venue in 2010.
  • 97.5% read a newspaper, magazine or book in 2010.
  • 87.2% watched a movie or a video in 2010.
  • 86.7% listened to downloaded music or music on CDs in 2010.

Read the full report online.

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