Become a Freelancing Medical Artist and Earn More

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Creating art is fun.  It is glorious to be creative and if you can make a success from your art then you can earn big!  It is however only a handful of lucky artists that actually earn a good income from creating art.  Most artists find it hard to earn a living from their artworks and many artists can go for years without a single sale despite being talented.  Becoming a freelancing medical artist can be a great way to earn extra cash on the sideline so you can afford art materials and living expenses.

What is a medical artist?

Medical artists create medical illustrations that can be used on websites, blogs, magazines, TV or in pamphlets, brochures, textbooks and much more.  There is quite a high demand for skilled medical artists because very few medical experts have the resources to photograph medical conditions, procedures and diseases or germs.  Those that do have the resources still find it hard to get good photographs because so most patients are reluctant to agree to such an expedition and most medical procedures aren’t really photography compatible because let’s face it, what good doctor is going to stop in the middle of a procedure to take a few photographs of the procedure while his patient’s life is on the line?  Medical artists work closely together with medical professionals to sketch and illustrate medical illustrations that will help guide medical students or to inform patients of what certain procedures entail.

Become a Freelancing Medical Artist and Earn More

How to become a medical illustrator

Freelancing medical artists don’t necessarily require a professional qualification but rather a keen talent for creating medical illustrations.  You can however earn a much higher income with a degree in medical illustration.  To get started in medical illustration all you have to do is create an art profile, showcase your work on medical artist associations and promote to medical firms.  The likelihood of getting jobs is however much higher if you are qualified.

Look for sites from which you can draw inspiration

There are plenty of medical websites and medical research sites that you can use for inspiration for your medical drawings.  True Health Diagnostics is one of the best organizations to follow if you are looking for ideas for medical illustrations because this research organization has a Texas based laboratory where various diseases and the effects of diseases are frequently studied and where some of the best medical treatments for especially chronic diseases are concluded.  If you can be the first illustrator to create medical artworks for the latest medical discoveries and treatments then you stand a much higher chance of scoring job opportunities.

Consider making medical paintings

The medical world is absolutely fascinating and is an untapped source for artworks since there are so few artists out there that have medical knowledge as well.  Making and selling artworks that depict close ups of germs, organs, medical procedures or medical conditions can provide you with a unique style that will help you brand yourself better.  You can sell artworks to medical organizations, medical practices, hospitals, clinics or just about anyone else that has a keen interest in the medical line.