The Best Ways to Protect and Preserve Fine Art

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Fine art can be expensive, especially if you are investing in a rare piece.  For example; Pablo Picasso’s Nude, Green Leaves and Bust was sold for $106.5million in 2010.  Can you imagine spending that much for a single painting?  And what extreme measures would you take as precaution to ensure that such a priced item will be preserved and damage free while in your care? Well, the pieces you collect or create might not be quite as expensive as this rare piece but who knows what the future might hold for the art in your collection?  For all you know that semi expensive piece that you bought might one day also be worth millions and that is exactly why you should also take extreme measures when protecting and preserving the pieces in your collection.

The Best Ways to Protect and Preserve Fine Art

Keep mold off artwork with a dehumidifier

Humidity can be terrible for artwork.  The moisture seeps into the canvas and can result in color changes, peeling and even mold on your rare pieces.  If you live in a humid area or if you keep your artworks in a location with plenty of humidity such as close to a fountain or in a basement then a dehumidifier is a must. Dehumidifiers remove the excessive moisture from the air.  The dehumidifier sucks moist air in and turns the moisture back into liquid where it is collected in a water tray that you can easily empty.  Once the air passes through the dehumidifier it comes out much drier which is much better for your artworks.  You can check out some dehumidifier reviews to find out more about these terrific devices and to find out which ones are best for your gallery.

Practice dust control

Dust is also terrible for artwork.  Dust collects in art strokes and it is incredibly difficult to clean canvas paintings.  When cleaning your gallery you should always use a vacuum cleaner and try to dust as frequently as possible.  Keeping the doors and windows closed might also be a good solution to keep dust from settling on fine art.

Fumigate regularly

Insect like flies can make a huge mess of artworks and termites can cause irreparable damage to wooden frames and even art itself.  Your home or gallery should be fumigated regularly to keep insects intact and to ensure that your artworks are secure against these creatures.

Don’t hang your art close to sunlight

Don’t hang any fine art within direct sunlight’s reach.  Even afternoon sun can cause terrible fading which can be terrible, especially if your rare artworks are faded unevenly.

Consider glass casings

The best way to keep your art completely safe is to get glass encasings for your art.  It may seem extreme but if you invested a lot in the artwork then this is the most secure way to go because that way nothing will get stuck on your fine art’s surfaces, no insects can chew their way through expensive works and moisture cannot get to your art.