Best Websites for Learning Arts, SEO, and Photography for Students

Art For You

There are numerous websites which offer courses online; it is very tough to know which one is best to look at! Read on to find out the finest websites to learn professional Art. These sites provide a consolidated as well as comprehensive experience to get everything you require for learning visual arts in one place. There are free courses on art, drawing, SEO, and photography where you find everything step-by-step. The list is divided into categories, to make it easy for you to scan it:

Best Websites for Learning Arts, SEO, and Photography for Students

Pencil Kings

Every individual feels insecure about his/her art skills or path at one or another point. Nevertheless, it does not mean one should give up on his/her dreams.

For that reason, Pencil Kings offers a great four-minute quiz. By attempting that you can instantly find out if you have the desire, skills, ambition, and craving it takes to succeed as a drawer. Become a part of thousands of artists who are already using Pencil Kings art training to enhance their art as well as careers.

Likewise, you would get useful advice and tips by reading their regular blog posts, professional artist interviews on the Podcast, and consistent email courses which are designed to target even the most pressing issues you could come across as an artist.

Everybody requires a little support from time to time, and the Pencil Kings community could be your secret tool to assist pull you through when times get hard.


It is a free e-learning resource devoted to the digital painting basics. Each video covers a unique concept, letting you learn complex topics in handy increments.

Digital painting may be complicated for beginners.  Starting with “What is Digital Painting?” This site offers videos from A to Z about this subject. Every video is comprising of 5 mins length, however, plan in some extra time to keep an eye on the homework assignments.

Once you finish the digital painting series, you got a couple of different choices.  For those students who do not have any drawing experience, it is recommended to start section 2 of the free library which is “Traditional Drawing.” If you already have experience with this media (pencil, charcoal, et cetera.) CtrlPaint recommends watching the digital demos in “Let’s Paint series.”

Kranu is one of the most trusted forums on topics related to SEO and digital marketing as a whole. is a real SEO agency which shares its thoughts as well as issues in an environment conducive to learning latest SEO techniques. As an SEO student, you must review this site and read their blog regularly to learn specific issues, a variety of tips and, most importantly, how to do SEO for best rankings. Try it, and you will find unlimited creative ways to win greater success in SEO. You get to select what you would like to learn relevant to SEO. However, you must get vivid about what you want.


Several individuals and home-students use Drawspace lessons. Furthermore, these are applied in thousands of colleges as well as in universities all over the globe. Plus, it boosts your mental acuity, your observation skills as well as creativity. Drawing learning is not only for hobbyists – Drawspace is for everybody!

They provide fundamental information for students to the drawing comprising: articles on selecting supplies, how to set up a studio, how to hold drawing mediums properly, and how to become more productive by using super-helpful practices.