Start Your Own Art Gallery!

Art For You There seems to have been an epidemic in being an artist and an admirer in the recent times and being an art blogger while managing the orders may be fun but gets tiring all the same. Are you already a hit on the internet? Well, here’s an idea to step up your […]

The Importance of Wall Art in Interior Design

Over and over again in interior designing, we see wall art regarded as a bit of hindsight. It’s what gets considered at last, long after the last layer of paint has dried on the walls and the greater part of the furniture has been carefully placed. We think wall art is important and should be […]

How to Take Fabulous Pictures?

To capture endearing pictures is an art. Not everyone in the world who possesses a fancy camera is capable of taking a good picture. Several things count in when it comes to taking breathtakingly beautiful pictures. Everyone does not embrace the passion, the vigor and the eye of an artist that is needed in this […]

How Art can be Used to Fight Terrorism

There are many things that can be used to fight terrorism. One of the things that has been under estimated and least talked about it art. Even though using the army and other agencies to fight terror, artists can also fight terror with art. Art can capture the attention of the right people and help […]

How to Take Baby Photos Creatively

Do you consider yourself an artist? If yes, then you can always think of different ways to make things look better than they actually are. You have a talent of looking at the different things around you and seeing how you can improve them when others would simply disregard those items. Your creativity is also […]

How to Add Artistic Touches to Your Sprinter Van

Looking for ideas to spice up your sprinter van? Want to add artistic touches to your van so it reflects your artistic personality perfectly? Here’s what you can do! 1) Multiplying USB Power Tablet PC and cell phones are taking over paper maps and indexes, which is awesome, with the exception of that iPads and […]

Upgrading your Art Skills with Nikon D3300

If you are serious about art and would want to have great photos you will need a DSLR camera. There are many kinds of DSLR cameras but one of the best but budget cameras is D3300. It is a kind of an entry level camera but at the same time is a great camera and […]

The Best Ways to Protect and Preserve Fine Art

Fine art can be expensive, especially if you are investing in a rare piece.  For example; Pablo Picasso’s Nude, Green Leaves and Bust was sold for $106.5million in 2010.  Can you imagine spending that much for a single painting?  And what extreme measures would you take as precaution to ensure that such a priced item […]

Why All Artists Need Good Photography Skills

To become a successful artist you need so much more than just creativity and raw talent.  Any successful artist will tell you that painting and creating art is just a part of the journey to becoming successful.  Artists also has to put a lot of effort into marketing their works, they have to constantly attend […]

Art Galleries and Casinos: An Interesting Las Vegas Partnership

When people think of Las Vegas, casinos are normally the first things that come to mind. But did you know that some of the strips largest casinos also feature extensive art collections? In fact, fine art and Las Vegas have gone hand in hand for some time, presenting unique access to tourists who want to […]