Earn Extra from Art by Becoming a Cartoonist

Art For You

Some artists make it big in the art industry.  And I mean big!  Their works sell for thousands of dollars and they just cannot keep up with the demand for their unique works.  Thanks to modern technology you can now earn more from a single painting than ever before because you can also sell art print and sell pictures of your art on merchandise like scatter cushions, mugs, handbags and more.  But not all artists are that lucky.  Most artists find it hard to get their works recognize and can hardly make a living from their art.  Another terrific way you can earn a living from art is by becoming a cartoonist on the sideline.  You can draw cartoons for magazines, websites and popular blogs and earn a terrific income while you are developing your art skills.  And who knows, perhaps cartoons are your true calling.

Earn Extra from Art by Becoming a Cartoonist

Look at works from modern cartoonist Stephen Collins

If you think that cartoonists aren’t needed anymore then you couldn’t be more wrong.  Stephen Collins is a modern full time cartoonist that is gaining popularity with each passing day.  His illustrations are good and his works are fun.  He does editorial illustrations, website illustrations, cartoons, lettering, comics, book covers and even wrote his own book; The Gigantic Beard that was Evil.  You can definitely draw some inspiration from Stephen Collins works if you are interested in becoming a cartoonist.

Start practicing with drawing

The first thing you need is good cartoon drawing skills.  Cartoons may seem simple but are actually tough because you have to be able to depict your characters in different poses and with different expressions.  The layouts are also tough to grasp. Grab a pencil and paper and start practicing.

Develop your own unique characters

Next you will have to develop unique characters for your cartoons.  Your characters should be fun and should be easy to redraw.

Decide on a storyline for your cartoons

A good storyline is a must if you are planning on drawing follow up cartoons for a magazine.  Story cartoons are the best way to go because you are much more likely to land a good contract with a magazine or website if you can provide a cartoon that is continuous.

Get the right software

The right software can make cartooning a lot quicker and better looking.  Photoshop is one of the best editing and designing software there is and can help you a lot when it comes to developing your cartoons.

Create an art profile

Collect examples of your work and create an art profile.  Your art profile can even be virtual on a website but should give a good idea of your capabilities.

Send your cartoons to publishers

Once you have a good art profile and an idea for a good cartoon, you can start applying for a job or try to get some of your works published.  You can send your works to magazines, popular websites and even blogs to see if someone would be interested in publishing your works.