A Guide for Promoting Your Artwork

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Creativity is talent that only a few people embrace, not everyone can make art, and not everyone can understand art. If you are an artist then at some point in your life you must have been the target of the most famous “starving artist” myth, where people assume that being an artist makes you a little to no money.

Everyone who likes to stereotype artists must get familiar with the fact that art is not just a hobby it is a profession too. It is a very stable business which can earn you a lot of money if you play your cards right. Like any other business, art also requires the recognition of others. If you want your artwork to be in demand, then promotion is necessary. However, be careful and do not advertise your work too vigorously, your aim is to get your artwork recognized, not to make people tired of it.

A Guide for Promoting Your Artwork

Therefore, here are some ways you can promote your artwork without spamming the audience:

  • Start from your town/city:

Word of mouth is the most efficient source of gaining recognition. So, start by displaying your artwork in your town. Sell your work to local restaurants and hotels, often we see the mesmerizing painting in hotel lobbies and think to ourselves ‘where did they even get such a piece of art?’ Such can be the case with your artwork.

Promotion requires investment, so initially, your selling price should be almost the same as your cost. Plus, you might need to give free sample prints of your work initially. Do some community work; you can even donate your paintings to a hospital or child care centers. Broaden your social circle, ask your friends if they are interested in buying your artwork. Get business cards printed and hand them out like candies; there are several people out there looking to adorn the walls of their house or office with artifacts.

  • Digital Marketing:

Promoting your artwork is as important as producing art, and digital marketing is the best way to do it. Every other business is using the help of digital marketing for advertising their brand, and the art community is no different from others. Advertiseworld.com is one of the top leading ad agencies nowadays. They make use of image advertising to promote any service or brand, by displaying the ad in pictorial form on websites that align with the brand’s value. The entry barrier is set low on $1, so brands with even the tightest budgets can use the help of this agency. So, if you want your artwork to get the recognition, then start advertising with this network.

Create a Facebook page as well, because it will make it easier for people to communicate with you. Social media sites, especially Facebook and Instagram are now used for purposes other than getting in touch with your friends. Thousands of brands have gained massive popularity by promoting their product on these sites. So, make a Facebook page or an Instagram account of your artwork and provide necessary communication details. Furthermore, your social media pages can serve as a portfolio of your artwork.

  • Participate in art competitions:

Entering art competitions is also an efficient way to make an image in people’s mind. Search for local or online art competitions to participate. There are several contests taking place at the same time on internet sites such as Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram. Sometimes there is a theme for the contest, and sometimes you are asked to submit your work.

Art competitions usually require an entry fee, though online competitions are mostly free of cost. Get yourself registered in art competitions hosted by a prominent source. Art competitions are great source of networking plus your artwork gains popularity through it. Moreover, if you win the competition, then the prize money is a bonus. As a safety measure, add watermarks on your artwork to avoid art theft and beware of scam contests.