Love Basketball? Here’s how to Art Your Home

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Many people believe that a home is a reflection of your soul.  And why shouldn’t it be?  The home is where the heart is.  It is where you experience some of your best moments and the place where you always come back to.  It is a place of healing, a place of safety and a place of love.  If your home is a reflection of your soul then you should probably decorate it to match the things you love the most.  Basketball is one of the most beloved sports and this sport type is becoming a major home design trend. If you want to incorporate your love for this sport into your home and show what your true passion is then you will love the following home art ideas.

Love Basketball? Here’s how to Art Your Home

Get an outdoor basketball court

Of course this has nothing to do with art but the game itself is a form of art right?  A home basketball court can be glorious and has many health benefits to you and your family.  On you can check out the best outdoor basketball brands on the market that you can stock up for a bit of outdoor fun.

Mount that basketball on the wall

Of course there is no better form of art than a contemporary piece. An actual basketball mounted on your wall is one of the best ways to create the right vibe for your home, especially if you can get your hands on a signed ball by a basketball legend like Michael Jordan or LeBron James.

Give DIY art a try

If you are feeling artistic then you can always give DIY art a try.  Create yourself a string art board of a basketball ball or you can even give fine arts a try with your very own acrylic painting.

Display collectibles

One of the best ways to create a pricy basketball look for your home is by showing off your collectibles.  Do you own the sweater of an infamous player?  Perhaps a signed poster? Well then it is time to start displaying that piece where everyone can see it. Get it mounted in a glass case and hang it on your wall.

Get pro art pieces

Another superb way to display your love for basketball is by investing in basketball themed art pieces. If you cannot get your hands on original basketball paintings like works by John Robertson then you can always try hiring a local artist to create unique works for your home.  You might just be surprised by the sheer talent that some of the locals may have.

Go with the theme

Always keep an eye open for basketball themed items.  A basketball rug, a wall sticker of a basketball player, a mounted basketball hoop on the wall and basketball chair all can be superb for showing off what is inside your soul.

Basketball mural

Do you have some dull wall in your home?  Good because that is the perfect place to create a basketball mural.  You can even order these online and create a nice and bright contrasting wall that will show your enthusiasm towards this fantastic sport.