Become a Freelancing Medical Artist and Earn More

Creating art is fun.  It is glorious to be creative and if you can make a success from your art then you can earn big!  It is however only a handful of lucky artists that actually earn a good income from creating art.  Most artists find it hard to earn a living from their artworks and many artists can go for years without a single sale despite being talented.  Becoming a freelancing medical artist can be a great way to earn extra cash on the sideline so you can afford art materials and living expenses.

What is a medical artist?

Medical artists create medical illustrations that can be used on websites, blogs, magazines, TV or in pamphlets, brochures, textbooks and much more.  There is quite a high demand for skilled medical artists because very few medical experts have the resources to photograph medical conditions, procedures and diseases or germs.  Those that do have the resources still find it hard to get good photographs because so most patients are reluctant to agree to such an expedition and most medical procedures aren’t really photography compatible because let’s face it, what good doctor is going to stop in the middle of a procedure to take a few photographs of the procedure while his patient’s life is on the line?  Medical artists work closely together with medical professionals to sketch and illustrate medical illustrations that will help guide medical students or to inform patients of what certain procedures entail.

Become a Freelancing Medical Artist and Earn More

How to become a medical illustrator

Freelancing medical artists don’t necessarily require a professional qualification but rather a keen talent for creating medical illustrations.  You can however earn a much higher income with a degree in medical illustration.  To get started in medical illustration all you have to do is create an art profile, showcase your work on medical artist associations and promote to medical firms.  The likelihood of getting jobs is however much higher if you are qualified.

Look for sites from which you can draw inspiration

There are plenty of medical websites and medical research sites that you can use for inspiration for your medical drawings.  True Health Diagnostics is one of the best organizations to follow if you are looking for ideas for medical illustrations because this research organization has a Texas based laboratory where various diseases and the effects of diseases are frequently studied and where some of the best medical treatments for especially chronic diseases are concluded.  If you can be the first illustrator to create medical artworks for the latest medical discoveries and treatments then you stand a much higher chance of scoring job opportunities.

Consider making medical paintings

The medical world is absolutely fascinating and is an untapped source for artworks since there are so few artists out there that have medical knowledge as well.  Making and selling artworks that depict close ups of germs, organs, medical procedures or medical conditions can provide you with a unique style that will help you brand yourself better.  You can sell artworks to medical organizations, medical practices, hospitals, clinics or just about anyone else that has a keen interest in the medical line.

How to Take Baby Photos Creatively

Do you consider yourself an artist? If yes, then you can always think of different ways to make things look better than they actually are. You have a talent of looking at the different things around you and seeing how you can improve them when others would simply disregard those items.

Your creativity is also very helpful when you take photographs. Taking photos can be considered an art mixed in with talent and skills. You can always learn how to take great photos in a technical manner but in order to create shots that are entirely different from everyone else, you need to dip into your creative side.

How to Take Baby Photos Creatively

Of course, you always have an option to hire a photographer who specializes in baby photography Perth. This will let you have some pictures that you can display at home. Yet, you should also have the right skills in order to have well documented and creative photos of your baby. Here are a few ideas that can help you out:

  1. Make sure that you have the right gear to take beautiful and wonderful raw photos.

The camera that you will use in order to take photos will make a huge difference on how your photos will look like. It will also help if you have the right lenses as this can improve the quality of your photo. Some would argue that with the right skills, you can still take awesome photos but it will always be different if you have talent in taking pictures and the right equipment at the same time.

  1. Do not forget your props.

The items that you are going to use in order to improve the way that your baby looks will make a huge difference. If you have some costumes with you then this is ideal as your baby will automatically look cuter. If you do not have actual costumes, you can make use of other items like toys that can make your baby smile while you are taking pictures.

  1. Use natural lighting.

Even if you have expensive flash lens, nothing will beat the power of natural lighting when it comes to photos. If there is an open shade wherein your baby can stay or if your baby is facing the window, you can take photographs that will rival the ones that are taken by professionals. Remember that natural lighting can also be effective in giving that twinkle that can be seen in your baby’s eyes in photos.

  1. Take photos of your baby while in motion.

Your baby is bound to make small movements that are not too fast that your pictures will become blurred. If you catch your baby in motion, it will make the photograph look so much better and more creative.

  1. You can do creative editing.

If you would like to change the way that the photo looks like, you can use various editing applications. You can add doodles and notes to the photographs so you will remember exactly how you were feeling when the pictures were being taken.

Be creative by learning more here and take photographs of your baby now. Do not let some precious moments pass you by.

How to Add Artistic Touches to Your Sprinter Van

Looking for ideas to spice up your sprinter van? Want to add artistic touches to your van so it reflects your artistic personality perfectly? Here’s what you can do!

How to Add Artistic Touches to Your Sprinter Van

1) Multiplying USB Power

Tablet PC and cell phones are taking over paper maps and indexes, which is awesome, with the exception of that iPads and iPhones swallow down battery power on a long journey. Most vans have only one USB control point for reviving your doohickeys, and that is not going to be sufficient for a 12-hour street trip, or on the off chance that you have a carload of individuals playing Angry Birds.

You can, nonetheless, include two extra (and all the more effective) USB points to a cigarette lighter attachment. Cigarette lighter attachments can deal with more than 10 amps, so this is a helpful approach to ensure your camera, computer game, MP3 player, and tablet PC remain charged when you’re out and about.

2) Homemade Electronics Dock

Bean-bag style dashboard hardware holders don’t function admirably in the corners. Also, the suction windshield mounts that accompany most GPS guides can hinder your view of the street (in a few places you can even get ticketed for this). So we brainstormed a more artistic way to make it work for you.

Search on the internet for homemade electronic dock DIY and get working on it! Once you’ve made it, be sure to add some artistic touches to it such as decorating it or painting it on the outsides with your favorite color.

3) Treat It Like a Canvas

Once you’ve decided to get all artistic with your sprinter van, then it’s time to go all in. Imagine your van’s surface as a canvas, grab and paintbrush and get those creative juices flowing. Whether you like to go bold or stick with safe colors, it’s entirely up to you. Make sure to incorporate different designs and make use of stencils to give it a perfect finish. Make sure to get a sprinter van that is as awesome on the inside as it is on the outside. One example is of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van’s 2-stage turbo 4 cylinder diesel engine that is a beast on the inside and offers amazing mileage.

4) Pro RAM Ball Mounts

Here’s another approach to dispose of those suction-glass mounts that tumble off the windshield on hot days. A better approach to mount hardware in the driver’s view is to utilize the RAM-type ball-and-clip mounts, which utilize a fixed ball that is mounted on a permanent basis.

5) A Coat Rack That’s Not Terrible

Van coat hooks are lousy, particularly on the off chance that you have rear seat passengers who don’t need your plane coat in their face. Our answer is to utilize a mesh bungee that you can easily find at a local art shop. These 18-inch-square mesh nets are planned to hold an extra cap onto the back seat or bumper of a van. We appended their four corners to the four get handles on the roofs of vans with wire ties, extending the bungees until they are tight. The outcome is a kind of loft to hold coats, caps, gloves, and whatever else you need to keep off the van’s floor.

Upgrading your Art Skills with Nikon D3300

If you are serious about art and would want to have great photos you will need a DSLR camera. There are many kinds of DSLR cameras but one of the best but budget cameras is D3300. It is a kind of an entry level camera but at the same time is a great camera and with a great price.

To take great photos however you will need photography skills and good lenses. Good news is that there are many avenues from which one can learn the skills and you can even get it for free if you want online. The camera comes with a manual that will give you a manual on how to use the camera from there you can do practice till you make perfect. With photography it’s all about practice. Even though you may learn the skills, you can only get perfect through practice. With more experience you will get to understand more the coordination between ISO, Speed and aperture so that you achieve great photos.

Upgrading your Art Skills with Nikon D3300

It is also not advisable to shoot in automatic mode as it will limit you in terms of creativity and the results that you want to achieve. Manual mode gives you a lot of possibilities and playing around with the settings will help you to achieve exceptional photos.

When it comes to lenses there are many kinds of lenses. Basically the lens of choice depends on the kind of photography that you want to achieve. Some of the factors that you have to bear in mind when choosing a lens include:

Lens speed: This is how fast a lens is which may also be the maximum aperture of the lens. A smaller number means it has a larger hole and hence more light can get into it and this also means that the shutter speed is faster and thus the lens is faster. A fast lens will help you to take photos in low light areas or moving objects. A fast lens however has a shallow depth of field meaning it will make subjects in the background to be blurry. A faster lens is also more expensive than a slow lens.

Focal length: This is the distance between the optical center of the lens and the focal point of the sensor of the camera. The focal length will tell you how much it can magnify the subject to be photographed.

Focusing distance: This is the distance between the end of the lens and the nearest point it is able to focus. This is important if you are doing macro photography to achieve what you want.


With the Nikon D3300, there are many lenses that are compatible. It all depends on the kind of photography you want to use the lens for. There are different kinds of macro lens, portrait lens and wide angle lens as well as telephoto lens. With the variety in the market, it is easy to get the best lens for Nikon D3300 that will suit your needs.

The Best Ways to Protect and Preserve Fine Art

Fine art can be expensive, especially if you are investing in a rare piece.  For example; Pablo Picasso’s Nude, Green Leaves and Bust was sold for $106.5million in 2010.  Can you imagine spending that much for a single painting?  And what extreme measures would you take as precaution to ensure that such a priced item will be preserved and damage free while in your care? Well, the pieces you collect or create might not be quite as expensive as this rare piece but who knows what the future might hold for the art in your collection?  For all you know that semi expensive piece that you bought might one day also be worth millions and that is exactly why you should also take extreme measures when protecting and preserving the pieces in your collection.

The Best Ways to Protect and Preserve Fine Art

Keep mold off artwork with a dehumidifier

Humidity can be terrible for artwork.  The moisture seeps into the canvas and can result in color changes, peeling and even mold on your rare pieces.  If you live in a humid area or if you keep your artworks in a location with plenty of humidity such as close to a fountain or in a basement then a dehumidifier is a must. Dehumidifiers remove the excessive moisture from the air.  The dehumidifier sucks moist air in and turns the moisture back into liquid where it is collected in a water tray that you can easily empty.  Once the air passes through the dehumidifier it comes out much drier which is much better for your artworks.  You can check out some dehumidifier reviews to find out more about these terrific devices and to find out which ones are best for your gallery.

Practice dust control

Dust is also terrible for artwork.  Dust collects in art strokes and it is incredibly difficult to clean canvas paintings.  When cleaning your gallery you should always use a vacuum cleaner and try to dust as frequently as possible.  Keeping the doors and windows closed might also be a good solution to keep dust from settling on fine art.

Fumigate regularly

Insect like flies can make a huge mess of artworks and termites can cause irreparable damage to wooden frames and even art itself.  Your home or gallery should be fumigated regularly to keep insects intact and to ensure that your artworks are secure against these creatures.

Don’t hang your art close to sunlight

Don’t hang any fine art within direct sunlight’s reach.  Even afternoon sun can cause terrible fading which can be terrible, especially if your rare artworks are faded unevenly.

Consider glass casings

The best way to keep your art completely safe is to get glass encasings for your art.  It may seem extreme but if you invested a lot in the artwork then this is the most secure way to go because that way nothing will get stuck on your fine art’s surfaces, no insects can chew their way through expensive works and moisture cannot get to your art.

Why All Artists Need Good Photography Skills

To become a successful artist you need so much more than just creativity and raw talent.  Any successful artist will tell you that painting and creating art is just a part of the journey to becoming successful.  Artists also has to put a lot of effort into marketing their works, they have to constantly attend art conferences, they have to exhibit their works frequently, look for new art connections, promote on social sites, contact various art galleries and much more.  Every artist that longs for great success absolutely have to have great photography skills because hiring a professional photographer for all of your photography needs just won’t do.  Learning photography will help you become a much bigger success a lot sooner and should definitely be your next big challenge.

Why All Artists Need Good Photography Skills

Photograph your art

Photographing art is a lot more complex than you think.  A simple shot simply won’t do because art materials like paint and pencil has a tendency to shine on photographs which makes it incredibly hard for you to capture the true colors and look of your works.  You need to know how to work with lightning and you need the right camera to take great shots of your work so you can give online clients a realistic idea of your works.

Earn from art photographs

Once you have captured a good high quality image of your painting you can earn from that single painting for the rest of your life by distributing printed décor items such as cards, calendars, canvas prints, scatter cushions, coasters and much more.

Remember ideas for artworks

Photographs are a great way to inspire terrific works of art.  You can capture ideas for future paintings and store them away until you have time for them.  With good photographs you will always remember special moments in your life and beautiful landscapes that will make terrific paintings in the future.

Capture natural beauty

It is hard to remember just how beautiful a certain scene was.  You always forget the detail and it is hard to recreate certain colors and textures when you don’t have a photo as reference.  With good photography skills you can capture fantastic scenes that you can use to create realistic paintings.

Learn how to do photography

CreativeLive is the best website to visit for all of your photography skill needs.  This fantastic website offers online tutorials that will teach you how to take great photos.  They also offer reviews that will guide you through some of the best photography gear that you will need for improved flexibility such as the best DSLR camera backpacks for hiking.  With these backpacks you can haul your camera along on any trip and capture glorious landscape shots for your paintings or you will always be ready to photograph nature, animals or even people which you can later use in your artworks.  CreativeLive has all the tutorials that you will ever need for photographing your artworks and ideas for artworks so you can market better and make a huge success form your art.

Art Galleries and Casinos: An Interesting Las Vegas Partnership

When people think of Las Vegas, casinos are normally the first things that come to mind. But did you know that some of the strips largest casinos also feature extensive art collections?

In fact, fine art and Las Vegas have gone hand in hand for some time, presenting unique access to tourists who want to take some time to explore the cultural offerings. So, before you assume that the only thing you can do in Vegas is gamble, here is an overview of some of the hidden art gallery gems located on the strip.

Art Galleries and Casinos: An Interesting Las Vegas Partnership

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art is a large exhibition space featuring works from some of the most recognized artists in the world. They have had the honor of featuring the works of Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, and have hosted collections of Faberge creations.

Many would be surprised to hear that many of the works featured are due to the galleries partnership with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. This has allowed them to gain unprecedented access to great works from all periods of history.

As like most museums, guests can choose to purchase entry and take their time viewing the works, or they can join a guided tour to get additional insight. Either way, it can be a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle traditionally associated with the Las Vegas Strip.

P3 Studio, Cosmopolitan Hotel

The Cosmopolitan Hotel has a dedicated space called the P3 Studio that supports their art program. Featured works tend to lean towards the contemporary, fitting the larger image for which the hotel and casino are known.

Another fun feature is the onsite Art-O-Mat machines. These were created from vintage cigarette machines and now are used to dispense original artwork to visitors who choose to select a small piece of art to take home.

Artwork featured in the City Studio and Executive Suites are also part of a celebration of contemporary art. In fact, all of the pieces are also available for sale based on a connection with the online site, Artspace.

Outside of the Casinos

The city of Las Vegas also has a wide array of facilities dedicated to art. The Barrick Museum, located on the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus, stepped into the void left when the Las Vegas Art Museum closed in 2009. It features rotating exhibits and helps raise funds in to help its goal of being a full-time art institution.

The Neon Museum celebrates the unique art of the neon signs that have previously populated the Las Vegas Strip and other areas. It is an acclaimed tourist destination and provides a unique look into a segment of the city’s history, with some of the signs dating back to the 1930s.

Other locations throughout the city include the Centerpiece Gallery, Contemporary Arts Center, Trifecta Gallery, Lou Ruvo Center, Big Springs Gallery, and even the Clark County Government Center.

However, just because you decide to take some time to visit a gallery, that doesn’t actually mean you have to forgo gambling while you wander. In some cases, you can use a smartphone or tablet to reach a variety of online casinos, many of which you may have visited before. If you want to experience something new in the land of online casinos, consider trying a bitcoin casino. With the strong cellular network throughout the city, it may be easier than you think to combine some fun time gambling with a great art experience.

Earn Extra from Art by Becoming a Cartoonist

Some artists make it big in the art industry.  And I mean big!  Their works sell for thousands of dollars and they just cannot keep up with the demand for their unique works.  Thanks to modern technology you can now earn more from a single painting than ever before because you can also sell art print and sell pictures of your art on merchandise like scatter cushions, mugs, handbags and more.  But not all artists are that lucky.  Most artists find it hard to get their works recognize and can hardly make a living from their art.  Another terrific way you can earn a living from art is by becoming a cartoonist on the sideline.  You can draw cartoons for magazines, websites and popular blogs and earn a terrific income while you are developing your art skills.  And who knows, perhaps cartoons are your true calling.

Earn Extra from Art by Becoming a Cartoonist

Look at works from modern cartoonist Stephen Collins

If you think that cartoonists aren’t needed anymore then you couldn’t be more wrong.  Stephen Collins is a modern full time cartoonist that is gaining popularity with each passing day.  His illustrations are good and his works are fun.  He does editorial illustrations, website illustrations, cartoons, lettering, comics, book covers and even wrote his own book; The Gigantic Beard that was Evil.  You can definitely draw some inspiration from Stephen Collins works if you are interested in becoming a cartoonist.

Start practicing with drawing

The first thing you need is good cartoon drawing skills.  Cartoons may seem simple but are actually tough because you have to be able to depict your characters in different poses and with different expressions.  The layouts are also tough to grasp. Grab a pencil and paper and start practicing.

Develop your own unique characters

Next you will have to develop unique characters for your cartoons.  Your characters should be fun and should be easy to redraw.

Decide on a storyline for your cartoons

A good storyline is a must if you are planning on drawing follow up cartoons for a magazine.  Story cartoons are the best way to go because you are much more likely to land a good contract with a magazine or website if you can provide a cartoon that is continuous.

Get the right software

The right software can make cartooning a lot quicker and better looking.  Photoshop is one of the best editing and designing software there is and can help you a lot when it comes to developing your cartoons.

Create an art profile

Collect examples of your work and create an art profile.  Your art profile can even be virtual on a website but should give a good idea of your capabilities.

Send your cartoons to publishers

Once you have a good art profile and an idea for a good cartoon, you can start applying for a job or try to get some of your works published.  You can send your works to magazines, popular websites and even blogs to see if someone would be interested in publishing your works.

How to Dress Like An Artist

If you’re an artist, then it only makes sense that you dress like one too. There is no single “look” with regards to the clothes that artists wear. In any case, there are certain parts of your wardrobe you can tailor to ensure that you have the correct dress to work in, that your imaginative abilities will be used, and that you will emerge as an artist in expert circumstances. Check out these interesting tips:

casual chic

Wear comfortable clothes while you are at work. As an artist, you will spend extended periods of time perfecting your art. Whether you’re working at an easel or on a PC, you need to ensure you’re as comfortable as could be allowed. In the event that you work with a chaotic medium like paint, abstain from garments that are excessively loose, particularly on the off chance that it has sleeves. Regardless of the possibility that you aren’t stressed over getting your work garments filthy, a very loose dress may wind up smearing your work.

Protect your garments. In the event that you work with anything that can stain, for example, paint or ink, you ought to avoid potential risk to keep those things far from your garments. Conceal with an apron or a canvas frock. Ensure it’s made of a sufficiently thick material that your materials won’t drench through rapidly.

Abstain from working in garments that you mind ruining. Indeed, even with taking consideration and wearing an overskirt, you are probably going to in any case get the odd sprinkle of paint here or there. Washing quickly may deal with most media on different textures, yet you will undoubtedly get the incidental perpetual stain. Don’t wear your best slacks in the studio.

Work with what you have. As a young artist, you most likely don’t have a considerable measure of cash. Rather than pining for originator pants way out of your value go, figure out how to manufacture a slick closet without using up every last cent.

Keep your garments in great condition. Garments that last longer will save you cash. Shirts and pants may seem like a good-to-go combo, however you can utilize your very own style to emerge. Wear T-shirts of your own outline or that are generally one of a kind. Wear pants that are different colors other than the normal denim blue. A straightforward, inventive approach to extend your closet is to “blend and match” diverse pieces to make one of a kind looks. Basically exchanging coats between two suits will give both of you “new” outfits.

Shop at thrift stores. Second hand shops are the most ideal approach to extend your attire spending plan. Notwithstanding fundamentals and regular pieces, you’ll have the capacity to discover extraordinary styles at a reasonable cost. Search for idiosyncratic, odd “mark” pieces that fit your identity and will make you stand out among people. You can also find great deals of casual chic wear online – so shop with the ease of a few clicks and get them delivered to your doorstep. You can discover retro and present day styles and afterward effortlessly blend and match them. Most thrift shops have at least one glass cases in the front where they show more pleasant things, usually accessories. These things might be costlier than run of the mill thrift shop products, yet will at present cost fundamentally not as much as retail. It’s an awesome place to search for fascinating pieces.

Ways You Can Improve Your Creativity

Do you consider yourself to be artistic? If yes, then you may be the type of person who finds joy in doing artworks, in writing and in taking photographs. You may also be the type of person who does not consider yourself to be a very creative person and you usually have trouble with thinking of different ideas that you can use to make your home look more attractive than usual.

Aside from the current design of your home that you are having issues with because of your lack of creativity, you cannot help but contemplate the fact that you have found traces of termites in your home. The moment that you learn how to treat termites, this will not be an issue anymore. You will be able to get rid of termites at the soonest possible time. Remember that you can make use of home remedies like boric acid in order to get rid of termites that are trying to cause chaos in your home.

Ways You Can Improve Your Creativity

Once you have already set aside your termite problem, you are back to thinking about how you can improve your home’s current design. Looking at the different designs online will not help because you cannot find one that looks similar to your home’s measurements. What you can do instead is focus on unleashing your creativity. The moment that you become more creative, formulating ideas on how you can make your home look more artistic will be easier to do.

Here are some of the things that you can do in order to unleash your creativity:

  1. Have Fun.

You can try painting for fun even if you have never done it before. As long as you have the right materials, you can just do what you think is right. You may end up with something that you will be proud of.

  1. Take Time to Daydream.

If you are always busy with work and you are always thinking about the next tasks that you are going to do then it is very likely that you do not have the right opportunity to daydream and think about things that you would like to achieve. Remember that it is okay to let your mind wander sometimes. It will help unlock some new ideas that you never thought about before.

  1. Relax

When was the last time that you have taken a break? You should realize that whenever you relax, you are letting yourself do what you want to do. At this day and age wherein there are a lot of demands, you know that relaxing is nearly impossible. Find time for it because you need it. It will be bad for your overall health if you are always stressed out.

  1. Always write down your ideas.

You may have ideas in the most unlikely places. You may have it while you are riding your bike or while you are commuting going to work. It will help if you have a small notebook handy wherein you can place your ideas every time you need to. If you have an application on your phone that can become an alternative to the typical notebook, this will be fine too.

With all of these ideas in mind, you know that unleashing your creativity will be easier to accomplish.