Photographs That Are a True Form of Art

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It takes time to create art.  Some artists can take months or even years to complete a single painting.  It isn’t quite fair to call photo’s art if there isn’t real effort in these works.  For a photo to be a true form of art, it has to be unique, it has to require a lot of skill and it has to involve some hard work and sacrifice on the side of the artist.  Studio portraits are not art because you can easily take a hundred great shots in half an hour.  Landscape photography is great but isn’t quite art because the landscape does not go anywhere.  You simply pop up your camera and take great shots during a certain time of the day.  If you want to take photos that are truly art then you should give the following a try.

Photographs That Are a True Form of Art

Star trail photos

Star trail photos are quite difficult to accomplish. You need the right camera, lenses, camera stands and gear to accomplish a star trail photo and you need to put in quite a bit of time and effort to get your shots to look great.  But these photos are definitely worth the effort because they are utterly breathtaking when done correctly.  If you want to learn to take terrific star trail photos then you can scout Justin Katz’s photography site for some of the best star trail photography tutorials and tips.  His site offers great reviews, recommendations for gear, travel photo ideas and his blog is tremendously helpful to student photographers.

Light trail photos

Light trail photos are much the same as star trail photographs only they are done with light.  Light trail photography involves capturing the light of moving objects like vehicles.  You can also create gorgeous art photos by simply photographing a lighted object like a candle that is moved in a certain way.

Action photos

Action photos are some of the hardest photos to capture.  It’s hard to capture a person or animal in mid action because the limbs or background of your photo often ends up blurry.  Action photos are a great work of art because they require some serious skill.

War photos

War photos are sometimes horrid but they are important to capture the true events of war.  They can definitely be seen as a work of art because of the risk and difficulties that photographers endure when they take these photos.

Toddler photos

Toddlers are difficult to photograph.  You need serious skill to work with these tiny humans to keep them from crying and to keep them from running around on your set.  Getting a toddler to smile at the right time is nearly impossible which is why this form of photography can almost be seen as a work of art.

Rare animal photos

Rare animals are hard to find.  Photographers often has to endure a lot of life threatening obstacles to photograph rare animals in their natural environment which is why these photos can easily be seen as true art.