Politicians That Gave Art A Try

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Most people think that art and politics don’t mix.  And they couldn’t be more wrong.  There are plenty of historical artworks that were influenced by politics. Pieces like Man at the Crossroads by Diego Rivera, Europe After the Rain by Max Ernst, Watercolor of Terezin by Peter Kien and Massacre in Korea by Pablo Picasso are just a few of many famous works of art that depict politics or was inspired by politics.  It thus shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are quite a few politicians out there that gave art a try in their lives.  The surprise is that some of these political figures were actually remarkably good at creating art.

Politicians That Gave Art A Try

Politics is sometimes an art

The value of art can sometimes be increased for a wide range of reasons.  It could be because of the political meaning behind the artwork, the history of the artwork, the name of the artist or the age of the artwork.  Politics itself can also be seen as a work of art because each and every decision that is made involves a lot of research, historical consideration, public opinion consideration and outcome prediction.  Mark Dubowitz of the FDD realizes this all too well.  His research in sanctions and international negotiations influences a lot of the governmental decision making.  You can almost say that he is an artist because he shapes political outcomes.

Politicians that tried to become artists

Now it is time to see who these political figures were that gave art a shot.  You might just be surprised at how great they were at their work.

Adolf Hitler – Before Adolf Hitler pursued a career in politics he wanted to be an artist.  His works were quite remarkable but he was rejected by the Academy of Fine Arts twice after which his journey took him to politics where he became one of the cruelest dictators in history.

Edi Rama – He was the prime minister of Albania and was an artist before he got into politics.  Edi Rama was responsible for much change in his city way before he got into politics.  He painted dull buildings flamboyant colors and was greatly resisted by several countries.  His believe was that colors could change the mood and inspire transformation and he was right because pretty soon people started dropping less litter and started paying taxes all by themselves.

Queen Victoria – We all know that the Queen had multiple interests and even served in the British army but very few know that she sketched portraits of her family and friends.  When the artwork was leaked to the public, the queen was furious and even tried to press charges but the works were later auctioned and made public.

Prince Charles – The prince of wales loved art and created several watercolor landscapes of locations he visited worldwide.  

George W. Bush – When Bush took up painting the world was in a buzz.  It was bizarre that someone who seemed to love war had a taste for fine arts.  His works was made public when his email was hacked in 2012.