Quick Tips to Fix Your Bad Photos

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Photography is one of the best ways of passing on a message and also one of the greatest ways of preserving memories. People take photographs on all sorts of occasions so that they can remember the good and bad times of their lives. Cameras are nowadays more readily available than they were in the past, and many smartphones come with very good back and selfie cameras. In this article, we are going to discuss some quick tips to fix your bad photos.

Quick Tips to Fix Your Bad Photos
Quick Tips to Fix Your Bad Photos

Get Basic Composition Down

Photography relies on the elements in the frame and their positions, making the composition very important. Using the rule of the thirds, you can break every frame into nine equal squares and then align the subject of the phot based on these squares. This will make the photos more dramatic and interesting.

Adjust Exposure Compensation

Most cameras when in their automatic mode, tend to determine the exposure of the photo, referring to the light or darkness of the photo depending on the scene. There are also numerous scenes that the cameras come with that can also assist you decide if the photo is too dark or light.

Choose the Right Mode

There are many shooting modes that you can choose from depending on the camera being used, and you should make sure to go for the right one. A fast action scene, for example, should use Shutter Priority (“S”) mode so that the speed at which the photo is taken is faster, freezing the motion of the subject. When you’re taking the phot in lower light, you might want to consider using

Aperture Priority (“A”) mode since it lets in as much light as possible into the lens.

Think About Lighting

How much light do you have, and what is the source? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself. Don’t put your subjects with the sun behind them, if you’re shooting in natural light unless for some other reason such as a portrait with a dramatic flare.

Use Your Flash Wisely

You don’t want your subjects looking like ghosts by using a flash too close to them. There are cameras that allow people to adjust the power of the flash, or you could move further away from the subject, zoom, and then use the flash.

Change Your Perspective

Most people are comfortable taking photos from eye level, but they can actually make the photos more interesting by trying out new angles and giving new perspectives.

Use a Tripod or Monopod

Tripods are good because they make the shots stable, and one can also set up framing. They are also important if one wants to use a self-timer so that they are also included in the shot. Monopods are good for those that are run-and-gun shooters.

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