Striking Holiday Destinations to Inspire Your Artwork

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Are you struggling with artists block?  Well, don’t feel too bad.  Every artist will suffer from this type of creative block at one point or another. It doesn’t mean that you are losing your creative abilities at all.  There might just be something in your life that is causing stress, you might have exposed yourself to a different art technique which resulted in insecurity or you might simply be out of ideas… at the moment.  The important thing is to deal with your creativity block before it starts to affect your name and your income.  One of the best ways to get new and fresh inspiration for your artwork is by going on holiday.  You are reducing stress, getting plenty of rest and you are getting gorgeous ideas to fuel your artwork all at the same time.  So chin up… wallet open… and get over writers block when you visit these holiday destinations.

Striking Holiday Destinations to Inspire Your Artwork

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Top holiday destinations to get new inspiration for art

There is no better inspiration for great looking art than staring at a breathtaking landscape.  Artists have been trying to capture the breathtaking look and feel of a gorgeous destination since art began and it is still one of the most popular forms of art to this very day. Here are the top destinations to consider to cure your artists block;

Aruba – This tiny Dutch Caribbean island is the perfect place to start if you are battling a serious creativity block.  Can you imagine anything better than sticking your toes into the soft sand of a gorgeous island and taking long walks on a beach that offers nothing but splendor?  Aruba is a great holiday destination with plenty of fun activities and a lot of great hotels that you simply must try.

Costa Rica – Are you more of a tree-hugger than a swimmer?  Well, then Costa Rica is perfect for you.  This rainforest in Central America has plenty of coastlines and will whisk you into a world of charm and wonder with the gorgeous waterfalls and forest trails.

Cuba – This Caribbean island is a bit dangerous at present but still is one of the most glorious holiday destinations to check out.  Attractions like the Morro castle, La Cabana and The Guevara Mausoleum will provide you with plenty of inspiration for great looking art.

Mexico – This country between the U.S. and Central America is much underappreciated when it comes to tourists.  Mexico offers some pretty amazing adventures and their rich culture is sure to change your opinion of the country and perhaps even of the world as you normally view it.