Supplies you need to start Photography

Art For You

1- Make sure. Find out who you really are, the answer to where you are going should be there.

Did you enjoy your work today? Was the bad mood constant or you are going through very sad time? Is there anything that is good that you have not done yet? These are the sort of questions you will ask yourself if you are unhappy in your job and you are looking for a new career path. If so, why not follow your heart in a career in photography?

2- Be assertive. Use the money from current job to prepare yourself for the next.

Study, learn photographers you admire, build powerful references. Workshops are great for this. Take courses online, especially as there are several that are offered for free. If you have money and time, a photograph of college is a great base for easy access. It a great way to learn many important issues in life such as commitment and dedication.

  1. Evaluate your budget. Buy the camera body and the lens that you can afford.

If your budget does not stretch to a DSLR, go compact. A Canon G12 used costs $800.00, and will help you form your first portfolio. Before buying a DSLR think about the fact that the camera body  is disposable, yet the lens is for life. The frenetic pace of new technologies ensures that cameras are constantly changing and improving. Before you know it, your camera is in need of an update or even replacing, whereas a good lens is all about the quality of the glass.

4 Have a financial plan. You need a portfolio.

Combine your finances, resources and knowledge in order to consider when and how will be able to break-even  and escape from your current job. If you are not currently working on this, assess the money that you have saved or who can help you as a stop gap. To earn money in photography will take a while, at least until you form a great portfolio. In the beginning you may need help and he Internet has endless sites relating to personal finance and financial planning, though this may not be for everyone. Find out more here.

  1. The market is huge. Believe me, there’s room for you!

There’s a lot that surrounds the subject of photography. However, much of it isn’t  cool, or accurate. Don’t limit yourself on this, simply because the photographic market is the subject of countless articles. The fact is this: there will always be people who can pay for a skateboard or a sports car to go from one point to another. Some enjoy it and develop their skills, whereas others do not and change.  Like most businesses, photographer fees vary considerably. For example, one photographer may charge $300 to cover a wedding, whereas a more experienced photographer may demand  contracts of  over $150,000.00 to do virtually the same thing. Ultimately, there is a market and a budget for everyone. Even if you are only a beginner, dedication and determination will ensure that you can make it as a photographer. And you never know, you could be the next photographer sensation … all you have to do is try.

The bottom line

Never forget that we live in a society where image is power. This means photographers will always be needed. It is a great chance for you to show all of your talent and present your work. We all know that in the early stages of any profession it can be slow. Yet, if you don’t try, you will never know. There are so many professional photographers who start life as enthusiasts, before turning professional. Good luck and have fun!

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