Taking Care of Your Face After Facial Art

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At some point or the other we may need to do facial art for a reason or the other. As much as it is more for the event and looks good at the time, it may have adverse effect on the face. Most of the cosmetics used for facial art are loaded with chemicals which penetrate our skin and may cause changes. For sensitive skin, the effects are so obvious since they will be seen but that does not mean that those cosmetic may not affect non sensitive skin, it’s only that with non-sensitive skin the reaction will not be as fast.

As much as the most common thing most will do is wash it off, this may still not take everything off from the face. More effort will therefore be needed to make sure that your skin is able to remain clean and healthy. Some of the measures you can take may include:

facial steaming

Cleanse, tone and moisturize

AS much as water and soap serve well in removing the dirt off the face, it may not get into the pores to remove the dirt that had already sipped in the pores. With a cleanser, it gets beyond the surface level to remove all the dirt and with that you can be sure that all the dirt has been removed. Since some cleansers may be rather harsh and if traces of it remain in the skin may affect the skin, toning is a way to remove all that. It removes all traces of the skin to make sure that the PH of the skin is back to normal. Moisture is important to any skin and should be a procedure that should not be skipped.


Steaming is a good way of opening the pores to remove the dirt from the pores. It helps to open up the skin so that it can breathe. It also helps to unclog any clogged pores that may not be breathing properly. With a steamer you don’t necessarily have to go to a spa, you can get a mini facial steamer and do the steaming from home. Most of the time it is only how water that is used for steaming but in some cases essential oils may be added to the water.


With scrubbing, a scrub is used to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin revealing a clean glowing face. It is one sure way of getting your glowing face back. From facial art you may get dull looking skin from the cosmetics that were used. A scrub removes the dull looking cells to reveal a glowing skin.


There are different masks and they all serve different purposes to the skin. This will depend on the need of the skin. Good thing with masks is that you can even get them from your kitchen. It should however be always done on a clean skin so that you may be able to achieve maximum results.