Upgrading your Art Skills with Nikon D3300

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If you are serious about art and would want to have great photos you will need a DSLR camera. There are many kinds of DSLR cameras but one of the best but budget cameras is D3300. It is a kind of an entry level camera but at the same time is a great camera and with a great price.

To take great photos however you will need photography skills and good lenses. Good news is that there are many avenues from which one can learn the skills and you can even get it for free if you want online. The camera comes with a manual that will give you a manual on how to use the camera from there you can do practice till you make perfect. With photography it’s all about practice. Even though you may learn the skills, you can only get perfect through practice. With more experience you will get to understand more the coordination between ISO, Speed and aperture so that you achieve great photos.

Upgrading your Art Skills with Nikon D3300

It is also not advisable to shoot in automatic mode as it will limit you in terms of creativity and the results that you want to achieve. Manual mode gives you a lot of possibilities and playing around with the settings will help you to achieve exceptional photos.

When it comes to lenses there are many kinds of lenses. Basically the lens of choice depends on the kind of photography that you want to achieve. Some of the factors that you have to bear in mind when choosing a lens include:

Lens speed: This is how fast a lens is which may also be the maximum aperture of the lens. A smaller number means it has a larger hole and hence more light can get into it and this also means that the shutter speed is faster and thus the lens is faster. A fast lens will help you to take photos in low light areas or moving objects. A fast lens however has a shallow depth of field meaning it will make subjects in the background to be blurry. A faster lens is also more expensive than a slow lens.

Focal length: This is the distance between the optical center of the lens and the focal point of the sensor of the camera. The focal length will tell you how much it can magnify the subject to be photographed.

Focusing distance: This is the distance between the end of the lens and the nearest point it is able to focus. This is important if you are doing macro photography to achieve what you want.


With the Nikon D3300, there are many lenses that are compatible. It all depends on the kind of photography you want to use the lens for. There are different kinds of macro lens, portrait lens and wide angle lens as well as telephoto lens. With the variety in the market, it is easy to get the best lens for Nikon D3300 that will suit your needs.